Book review: “Autumn Throne” by Elizabeth Chadwick

by Rebecca Henderson Palmer October 24, 2016
Book review: "Autumn Throne" by Elizabeth Chadwick

Ms. Chadwick presents her final novel in the Alienor (Eleanor) of Aquitaine series. Alienor, estranged from her husband Henry II after backing their sons in their rebellion against their father, is now a prisoner, kept against her will at the Palace of Sarem. Henry tries to force her to retire from public life and become […]

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Book review: “Love Warrior” by Glennon Doyle Melton

by Rebecca Henderson Palmer October 17, 2016
Book review: "Love Warrior" by Glennon Doyle Melton

Glennon Doyle Melton tells a story of rediscovery, of reconnection, and most importantly of all, of love. Glennon grows up, wonderfully loved by her parents and sisters, and yet convinced that she is lacking. She sends her “representative” out (the other version of her that conceals her true thoughts and feelings) to deal with a […]

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Book review: “Three Sisters, Three Queens” by P. Gregory

by Rebecca Henderson Palmer October 10, 2016
Book review:  "Three Sisters, Three Queens" by P. Gregory

The Tudor women: Margaret Tudor, Katherine of Aragon who marries into the Tudors, and the youngest child Mary Tudor, are the three sisters of this latest work by Ms. Gregory. Oldest daughter Margaret sees her older brother Arthur marry Katherine of Aragon and die of plague whereupon her younger brother Henry becomes the last male […]

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Book review: “A Brilliant Death” by R. Yocum

by Rebecca Henderson Palmer October 3, 2016
Book review: "A Brilliant Death" by R. Yocum

This review originally appeared in the Historical Novels Review and can be found here. Mitch Malone and his best friend, Travis, grow up in Brilliant, Ohio, a sleepy blue-collar town nestled along the Ohio River, just west of Wheeling, West Virginia. Unlike most teenage boys, Mitch and Travis spend much of their time on “Project Amanda,” the […]

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Book review: “Winner’s Curse” by M. Rutkoski

by Rebecca Henderson Palmer September 26, 2016
Book review: "Winner's Curse" by M. Rutkoski

Kestrel is the piano-playing daughter of a general in this YA fantasy offering, book one of the three in the “Winner’s Trilogy”. Kestrel’s father, the Valorian General Trajan, is frustrated with his daughter who shows no inclination to join the army or marry. Still stinging from the early death of her mother and the slave […]

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Book review: “A Hundred Summers” by Beatriz Williams

by Rebecca Henderson Palmer September 19, 2016
Book review: "A Hundred Summers" by Beatriz Williams

In 1931 New England, lifelong friends Budgie Burn and Lily Dane drive up from college to see Budgie’s latest flame play football. It’s on the football field that Lily first sets eyes on QB Nick Greenwald. Despite Nick’s half-Jewish heritage and the societal challenges that entails, Lily and Nick embark on a great love affair which culminates […]

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Book review: “The Secret Keeper” by Kate Morton

by Rebecca Henderson Palmer September 12, 2016
Book review: "The Secret Keeper" by Kate Morton

It’s 2011 and actress Laurel Nicholson and her siblings are watching as their 90 year old mother falls into ill health. But Dorothy Nicholson does not spend her waning days peacefully, looking at photographs, crying over the past, and speaking wistfully of “second chances”. Laurel is anxious to get to the bottom of her mother’s ravings, particularly […]

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Book Review: “As Death Draws Near” by Anna Lee Huber

by Rebecca Henderson Palmer September 6, 2016
Book Review: "As Death Draws Near" by Anna Lee Huber

Kiera and Gage are newly married, but their relaxing honeymoon in the Lake District is rudely interrupted by Gage’s disapproving father. Lord Gage asks the newlyweds to journey to Ireland where a distant cousin of Lord Wellington’s, a novice at an abbey outside of Dublin, has recently been killed. With nothing to go on but […]

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Book review: “Lab Girl” by Hope Jahren

by Rebecca Henderson Palmer August 29, 2016
Book review: "Lab Girl" by Hope Jahren

Botanist Hope Jahren, of the University of Hawaii, wrote this book which is half ode to plants and half memoir. I picked up this book because, as a research scientist myself (pharmacology), I’ve always been fascinated by other female scientists’ life stories. How did they get here? Why? And what drives them forward? It’s no […]

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Book review: “Last Original Wife” by Dorothea B. Frank

by Rebecca Henderson Palmer August 22, 2016
Book review: "Last Original Wife" by Dorothea B. Frank

Dorothea Benton Frank explores those who stop – nearly 30 years after saying “I do” – to take stock of their lives and do not like what they see. Leslie and Wes have been married over 30 years, have two adult children, and now Wes’ best friends are leaving their first wives to go after […]

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