Book review: “Time’s Divide” by Rysa Walker

by Rebecca Henderson Palmer October 5, 2015
Book review: "Time's Divide" by Rysa Walker

Kate, Trey, Kiernan, Prudence, and the entire cast of characters return for this third book in the young adult Chronos Files series. In this installment (which releases October 20, 2015), Kate knows the date of the Cyrist “culling” (a time when a lethal virus is unleashed on the world and all those non-believers who are […]

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Fall/Winter Books I Can’t Wait For

by Rebecca Henderson Palmer September 28, 2015
Fall/Winter Books I Can't Wait For

Here are just a few of the books I am looking forward to this fall/winter. What’s on your TBR pile? “Named of the Dragon” by Susanna Kearsley, Arrives 10/6/15 2) “Medici’s Daughter” by Sophie Perinot, Arrives 12/1/15 3) “The Lost Tudor Princess” by Alison Weir, Arrives 1/12/16 4) “Margaret Pole…” by Susan Higginbotham. Arrives ??

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Book review: “The Taming of the Queen” by Philippa Gregory

by Rebecca Henderson Palmer September 21, 2015
Book review: "The Taming of the Queen" by Philippa Gregory

Philippa Gregory concludes her Tudor court series with this one featuring the story of Henry VIII’s last queen, Katherine Parr. Immediately after her second husband’s death, King Henry brings Katherine to court and proposes marriage – a proposal she desperately wants but cannot afford to refuse. Katherine, twice widowed, has fallen for the dashing Thomas Seymour, […]

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Book review: “Enchantress of Paris” by Marci Jefferson

by Rebecca Henderson Palmer September 14, 2015
Book review: "Enchantress of Paris" by Marci Jefferson

Marie Mancini, the niece of the real power behind the Sun King’s throne Cardinal Mazarin, decides to chart her own path in this story of power, manipulation, love, and sacrifice. Cardinal Mazarin uses his surplus of relatives to dominate and manipulate Louis XIV of France. Rumor has it that the cardinal, not Louis XIII, is […]

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To other worlds…

by Rebecca Henderson Palmer September 7, 2015
To other worlds...

“In books I have traveled, not only to other worlds, but into my own. I learned who I was and who I wanted to be, what I might aspire to, and what I might dare to dream about my world and myself…” -Anna Quindlen If you’re like me, you very much look forward to fall […]

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Book review: “That Summer” by Lauren Willig

by Rebecca Henderson Palmer August 31, 2015
Book review: "That Summer" by Lauren Willig

A perfect book to review in the waning days of summer. Julia inherits a great aunt’s house on Herne Hill, just outside of London. Unemployed and adrift, she leaves her home in New York City to prepare the house to sell so that she can return to her life. But the house, a place where […]

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Book review: “Masque of a Murderer” by Susanna Calkins

by Rebecca Henderson Palmer August 24, 2015
Book review: "Masque of a Murderer" by Susanna Calkins

Lucy Campion returns for this third installment of Susanna Calkins’ mystery series set in late 17th-century London. Months after the Great Fire of London ravaged the city, Lucy is an apprentice to a printer and bookseller when the daughter of her former master, Sarah Hargrave, asks her to accompany her to the deathbed of a […]

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Book review: “A Study in Death” by Anna Lee Huber

by Rebecca Henderson Palmer August 17, 2015
Book review: "A Study in Death" by Anna Lee Huber

When Lady Drummond’s physician immediately pronounces apoplexy as the cause of her sudden and violent demise, Lady Kiera Darby suspects otherwise. Lord Drummond is known to be a brutish husband, but is he the only suspect? Kiera suspects poison after considering Lady Drummond’s symptoms, but how was it administered and why? With the help of the […]

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Book review: “The Husband’s Secret” by Liane Moriarty

by Rebecca Henderson Palmer August 10, 2015
Book review: "The Husband's Secret" by Liane Moriarty

This book is historical only with regards to a murder that occurred 28 years in the past. If you like your summer reading suspenseful, clever, dark, and a bit “Desperate Housewives”, then this is right up your alley. Liane Moriarty writes about a Sydney, Australia suburb where everything is not as it seems and neighbors […]

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Book review: “The Accidental Empress” by Allison Pataki

by Rebecca Henderson Palmer August 3, 2015
Book review: "The Accidental Empress" by Allison Pataki

Elisabeth, Duchess of Bavaria, accompanies her sister Helene to the Austrian court where Helene is betrothed to their cousin, the eligible and dashing Hapsburg Emperor Franz Joseph. But Franz prefers the athletic, charming, and bold “Sisi” over her shy, pious, academic older sister. Their marriage in 1854 catapults the fifteen year old into one of […]

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