Book review: “That Summer” by Lauren Willig

by Rebecca Henderson Palmer August 31, 2015
Book review: "That Summer" by Lauren Willig

A perfect book to review in the waning days of summer. Julia inherits a great aunt’s house on Herne Hill, just outside of London. Unemployed and adrift, she leaves her home in New York City to prepare the house to sell so that she can return to her life. But the house, a place where […]

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Book review: “Masque of a Murderer” by Susanna Calkins

by Rebecca Henderson Palmer August 24, 2015
Book review: "Masque of a Murderer" by Susanna Calkins

Lucy Campion returns for this third installment of Susanna Calkins’ mystery series set in late 17th-century London. Months after the Great Fire of London ravaged the city, Lucy is an apprentice to a printer and bookseller when the daughter of her former master, Sarah Hargrave, asks her to accompany her to the deathbed of a […]

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Book review: “A Study in Death” by Anna Lee Huber

by Rebecca Henderson Palmer August 17, 2015
Book review: "A Study in Death" by Anna Lee Huber

When Lady Drummond’s physician immediately pronounces apoplexy as the cause of her sudden and violent demise, Lady Kiera Darby suspects otherwise. Lord Drummond is known to be a brutish husband, but is he the only suspect? Kiera suspects poison after considering Lady Drummond’s symptoms, but how was it administered and why? With the help of the […]

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Book review: “The Husband’s Secret” by Liane Moriarty

by Rebecca Henderson Palmer August 10, 2015
Book review: "The Husband's Secret" by Liane Moriarty

This book is historical only with regards to a murder that occurred 28 years in the past. If you like your summer reading suspenseful, clever, dark, and a bit “Desperate Housewives”, then this is right up your alley. Liane Moriarty writes about a Sydney, Australia suburb where everything is not as it seems and neighbors […]

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Book review: “The Accidental Empress” by Allison Pataki

by Rebecca Henderson Palmer August 3, 2015
Book review: "The Accidental Empress" by Allison Pataki

Elisabeth, Duchess of Bavaria, accompanies her sister Helene to the Austrian court where Helene is betrothed to their cousin, the eligible and dashing Hapsburg Emperor Franz Joseph. But Franz prefers the athletic, charming, and bold “Sisi” over her shy, pious, academic older sister. Their marriage in 1854 catapults the fifteen year old into one of […]

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Book review: “Time’s Mirror” by Rysa Walker

by Rebecca Henderson Palmer July 27, 2015
Book review: "Time's Mirror" by Rysa Walker

This is story # 2.5, a novella, in the excellent YA series CHRONOS FILES by Rysa Walker. Here, you see things from the opposite perspective, that of Prudence Pierce, sister to Deborah and aunt to Kate (the heroine of the early books). This is the story of how Pru got sucked into her father’s scheme of […]

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Book review: “The Second Empress” by Michelle Moran

by Rebecca Henderson Palmer July 20, 2015
Book review: "The Second Empress" by Michelle Moran

The great-niece of Queen Marie Antoinette, Maria Lucia of Austria, becomes Napoleon’s unwilling second wife in Michelle Moran’s look into this second empress of France. Maria Lucia is Austrian, of the celebrated Hapsburg line, and Napoleon wants a wife of royal blood to give him the heir Josephine has long denied him. Now Marie Louise, […]

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Book review: “Watch the Lady” by Elizabeth Fremantle

by Rebecca Henderson Palmer July 13, 2015
Book review: "Watch the Lady" by Elizabeth Fremantle

Penelope Rich Blount, Countess of Devonshire (nee Devereux) is the main subject of Ms. Fremantle’s latest Elizabethan court novel. Sister of Queen Elizabeth’s favorite the Earl of Essex and probably the muse for Sir Philip Sidney’s poetry, Penelope was quite an independent, resourceful, and defiant woman for her time. Trapped in a loveless marriage to Lord Rich, […]

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HNS 2015 – Denver update

by Rebecca Henderson Palmer July 6, 2015
HNS 2015 - Denver update

So I returned last week from the Historical Novel Society’s 2015 North American Conference in Denver. (The conference program can be found here.) With keynote speakers Diana Gabaldon, Karen Cushman, and C.C. Humphreys (Mr. Humphreys’ keynote address can be found here), a book signing with over 100 authors, numerous panels, a costume contest, networking, and indie […]

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Book review: “A Very Dangerous Woman” by McDonald and Dronfield

by Rebecca Henderson Palmer June 29, 2015
Book review:  "A Very Dangerous Woman" by McDonald and Dronfield

Moura Budberg (born Maria Zakrevskya in Estonia in the 1890s) was considered the ‘Mata Hari’ of Russia as she counted many infamous men of the early 20th-century as her lovers (including British spy Robert Lockhart, Maxim Gorky, and H.G. Wells), probably spied for both the British and the Russians, and was known to fabricate most aspects […]

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