Book review: “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” by T. Jenkins Reid

by Rebecca Henderson Palmer on September 18, 2017

“But once he has his hand on the doorknob, I realize that I have put into motion the end of a lackluster life in the interest of eventually finding a great one.”

Evelyn Hugo is born into a Cuban-American family in the Hell’s Kitchen area of NYC. When her mother dies, she flees her abusive father, marries for the first time, and heads to Hollywood. Her looks get her in the door but her determination and skills make her a star. She then begins a journey through the tangled web of Tinsel Town where she marries seven times but learns lessons quite different than those the public might expect. This is a town where sex can get you far, real love is often hidden, and true friendships are scarce. Evelyn becomes a star:  rich, beautiful, on top of the world. And yet her life isn’t the rosy story her movies often portray or the charm-filled existence her adoring public assumes. Decades later, wise and frail, Evelyn contacts cub journalist Monique Grant to publish her true, uncensored story after her death. Monique jumps at the chance of this exclusive look into one of Hollywood’s greatest stars. Monique does not know, however, how her story figures into Evelyn’s or how Evelyn’s story will reshape her own outlook forever.

This is a deep look at love – the many shapes, sizes, and colors it comes in, the imperfect ones we love, and the various kinds of relationships that shape us. Evelyn comes to realize that deep, passionate, abiding love is an uncommon thing and something she is willing to sacrifice everything else for. Monique discovers how detrimental a safe, comfortable love was for her, just as she comes to understand how her parents’ strong intellectual connection lacked passion and yet was still the mainstay of their lives. This book shows us that love is as complicated as those of us who love, but finding that combination that stirs you most is a battle worth fighting.

Profound, compelling, deeply moving, and with a twist that will almost certainly surprise you, this one will cause you to do a lot of soul searching for the very best of reasons. I can’t recommend this one enough.

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